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Kumroj community forest is exactly situated in the south 7 km far from Tandi, East-West Highway, from parsa 6 km, and from Sauraha 2 km in the East. It has spread with 7.5 km length from East to West and 3.5 km width from South to North. Total area of this community forest is 697 hector which has been divided into 7 sectors.


Ghadiyal sector

This sector lies i the west most part of the community forest which is known as Ghadiyal’s habitat. There is a river named ‘Dhungre Khola’ which runs in the western part of Khairahani Municipality. Tourists can enjoy canoeing in the river observing particularly Ghadiyals and various wild creatures, birds etc.


Botanical garden sector

This part is situated in khairahani municipality 13, which is known as Botanical garden sector. There is ‘Dhungre river’ in the west and ‘Icharni river’ in the south. The most outstanding features of this part ‘the national park’ which is the oldest National park of Nepal and also enlisted in the list of world heritage site. There are almost all types of plants and vegetations available in this sector. About 107 types of plants are found in this sector.

Peacock sector

This sector is a home of pecocks where one can be fascinated by amazing dance of pecocks and the sound proudced  by peacock is really ear-soothing. Not only the peacocks but also various wild creatures can be seen in the sector. Being connected with chitwan national park, this sector has significant spots such as  Icharni Taapu (Island), Icharni river, some religious heritages, temples, gumbas etc. The gateway for elephants safari and jeep safari lies in the same sector.

Tourism sector

This sector is known as touristic spot since it is suitable for all sort of touristic activities. This part occupies all the exotic places and provides amazing activities to the tourists. There are six lakes, luscious green pasture and the most important and exciting thing about this sector is that one can spend night in a very facilitated morden tower (Machan) in the middle of the forest and have the experience of adventurous wild life. Similarly, riding an elephant and capturing the pictures of one-horn rhino are another thrilling activities to do in this sector.

Deer sector

This is another crucial sector of Kumroj community forest where numerous deer are found that is why this part is called a good home for the wild deer. There are wooden viewing tower, Helipad meadow and the embankment of Rapti river in this sector.

Lake Sector

Kumroj community forest also consists of various lakes such as ‘Darai-Lake” Bote-Lake’ which are named on the basis of some native people known as ‘Darai caste’ and ‘Bote caste’. The embankment of Rapti river stands by the side of Kumroj community forest. Varieties of wild creatures and birds can be seen in this sector.

Protected /conserved sector

This sector is also known as a nursery where different sorts of young plants are grown for the forestation. Some lakes are also situated in this sector.


There lies the border of Kathar VDC in the east, chitwan National park in the west and the boundary of Dhungre River, the cultivable lands(Territory) of the four wards respectively no.10,11,12,13 of Khairahani municipality and the Rapti River in the southern part of this community forest.

This buffer zone community forest lies in the lap of Chitwan National Park which has been enlisted in the list of the world heritage site with grassy pasture, lakes, rivers, wetlands etc. The area is completely protected by the community and its people. And as the most of the forests are edged with river, this buffer zone community forest is the most suitable place for various wild creatures such as ghadiyal crocodiles, tiger, deer chital, bear, boar, python etc including the very rare one-horn rhino in the world. It is a habitat of nearly 350 species of birds, which is very beneficial for the observation and study about the birds for both internal and external tourists. The Area is quite enchanting, beautiful and peace completely far and free from the crowd and noise. Consequently, this community forest is being the best destination for both domestic and foreign people and their number is increasing day by day.